About us

Who are we?

Since 2002, NIK has been a company implementing precision farming technologies.

From the very beginning, we have been dedicated to innovation and have boldly taken on the challenge of introducing new technologies and products to the field of agriculture in Bulgaria. Over time, our team has focused on precision agriculture, expanding our portfolio with products and services that address the digitalization of agriculture and the implementation of artificial intelligence in machinery and inventory.

In 2016, we took our first steps on the Romanian market, where we successfully managed to promote precision farming technologies. Since then, we have expanded our activities and operate not only in Bulgaria and Romania, but also in Italy, offering a variety of hardware and software solutions to international customers. We are always ready to change the game and lead the progress in agriculture.


Our achievements

We are proud of our achievements and recognitions that testify our commitment to the agriculture sector in Bulgaria.


In 2020, our subsidiary NIC Agro Service Ltd was awarded the prestigious FORBES Business Awards for Company of the Year in the Agriculture Sector. This makes us the first company in the sector to win this prestigious award. In the same year, we received the gold Employer of the Year award in the agriculture sector for the first time – and three times in a row!


In 2019, we were awarded the honorary distinction of “Importer of the Year” by the Kverneland Group for our subsidiary NIK Smart Machines Plc. This achievement made us the first Kverneland distributor to receive this distinction in our first year of cooperation with the Kverneland Group.

We received it a second time for our activities in 2022!


These awards and accolades are recognition of our commitment and efforts to the advancement of agriculture and inspire us to continue to lead the way in innovation and the quality of service we offer.


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Our portfolio features a number of world leaders in GPS equipment, irrigation systems for the agricultural sector, self-propelled machinery and agricultural implements. We can confidently say that we follow global trends and are ready to give our customers the best equipment and technology that will help them achieve outstanding results in their agricultural operations.